How to become a CAD Drafter

How to become a CAD DrafterCAD DRAFTER

Congratulations on taking the next step in your decision to start your career as Cad Drafter! You are entering a field that is high in demand, so you’ll have high chances of getting a job and starting your new career.

You want to become a CAD Drafter.

You don’t know where to start.

There is a lot of information out there, but it is all confusing.

If you are new to CAD Drafter Headquarters and don’t know where to start.  We have a easy to follow guide that will walk you trough everything you need to know about becoming a CAD drafter.

Check out the pages below and get pointed in the right direction for you new career.

Steps in How to become a CAD DrafterCAD Drafter

CAD Drafter

A CAD Drafter is responsible for creating highly accurate technical drawings for the use of bringing a product to life. You are a professional, trained in the art of producing the directions of how to manufacture a desired product. A drafter works like the middle man between a engineer or architect, to people/tools that actually build the product.

Most drafters will be employed through a engineering firm or architecture firm. Companies all across the globe hire drafters to aid in the process of product production.

A CAD Drafter will not only be working alongside other Drafters, you will be working under Architects, Engineers, Designers and Project Managers.

Depending on your interests and location, you can specialize in certain areas of drafting

Types of CAD Careers

Choosing your area of speciality in your new CAD career largely depends on your location. Your area may have many career opportunities in the oil and gas field but run low on mechanical drafting.

Most large cities will have multiple engineering companies to choose from. Our advice, choose a area that you may have some experience in or have a strong desire to learn. Whats the point to going to work everyday and working on something you’r not interested in. That is the reason why you are here, to find a rewarding  career.

Investigating potential careers is one way to determine what you would like to pursue after graduation. Check out the most popular CAD career types.

CAD Drafter Job Description

The job description will vary depending on what career type you follow.

For example, a mechanical drafter will have a different set of responsibilities than a architectural drafter that works on the design of buildings. Some drafter will work in the field while some work in the office.

As a general description, the job entails the following:

  • Creating CAD drawings for engineering projects
  • Create drawing from rough sketches and specifications created by engineers and architects.
  • Plot drawings
  • Specify materials, dimensions, and guidelines for products.
  • Prepare multiple versions of drawings
  • Work under the supervision of architects, engineers and designers.
  • Design using 2d and 2d CAD software.
  • Coordinate with builders to establish requirements and design concepts.

CAD Drafter Jobs

The demand is steady for CAD drafters, as long as you meet the required qualification established by your future employer, you’ll have a great shot at landing a new career.

Whether you’ll be working for a small engineering firm, or working for a staffing agency that will place you in areas of need, your chances of getting hired are great.

Since productions of almost everything requires a significance amount of planning, CAD drafter can be found in almost any industries.

Feel free to download the free interview guide to help land you in your new career. This guide will help you prepare for your upcoming interviews. Also check out the CAD Drafter Jobs Board to see what companies are hiring drafters right now.


CAD Training

Although not required, employers typically prefer applicants who’ve had CAD training through completion of a postsecondary education in computer aided design. Which is typically a 2 year degree. Some colleges offer a quicker route in a certificate of technical studies in CAD, which is around 2-3 semesters of course work. Also Online CAD training course are available if you prefer to work at your own pace, or can’t make it to campus.

Below are the 3 different types of CAD training that could help you land your new career.

Associate’s Degree in CAD Drafting

A CAD Drafter usually goes for an associates degree in computer aided design & drafting. Depending on your school, the title of the degree might be called CAD or CADD.

Traditionally CAD programs are offered at community colleges or technical schools.

Researching your local community college will be the best way of finding out if your school offers a degree programs

Check out the guide to a typical 2 year course curriculum for an associate’s degree in computer aided design

Online CAD

Online CAD training courses are becoming more and more popular, with employers all over the world excepting them as the proper training required to become a CAD drafter.

If you are like most people and prefer to work at your own pace, at the comfort of your home, this is the ideal route to take in order to complete your CAD training.

Several schools offer various course and degree types.

Check out the guide to Online CAD training courses.

Certificate of Technical Studies in Computer Aided Design

This training is geared towards someone who already has some experience in the engineering/design/construction fields and needs to develop their CAD skills in order to land a job or move up from their current position.

Check out the course curriculum guide for a certificate of technical studies in computer aided design degree.

CAD Drafter Licenses

The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) offers various certifications for drafter.

A certification is not mandatory to work as a drafter. Acquiring the certification demonstrates to employers competence and knowledge of nationally recognized practices. The ADDA offers certifications in architectural, civil, and mechanical drafting.